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Legendary Gemstone Properties* - Agate

Legendary Gemstone Properties* - Agate

Agate Comes in Many Colors!

Agate Legendary Gemstone Properties*

Keywords:  Protection, Balance, Harmony, Courage, Strength, Confidence, Calming, Grounding.
Enhances: Energy, Health, Prosperity, Longevity, Stamina, Concentration, Creativity, Memory. Honesty, Relationships and Emotional and Physical Healing.
Dispels: Stress, Insomnia, Fear, Envy, Evil Eye, Anxiety, Bitterness, Resentment and Energetic Blockages.
Aids with: Overcoming emotion, releasing bitterness, old feelings or resentments, Clearing Energy Blockages. Step 8 and Courage with Step 9.
Associations: September and/or June Birthstone, 12th and 14th Anniversaries, 3rd Chakra, protection of children, Step 8, Step 9.

Crazy Pink Lace Agate:
Keywords:   Harmony Protection Balance Calming, Courage, Self Confidence.
Enhances:  Meditation, Relationships, Laughter, Mental Focus, Stamina, Decision Making, Self-Confidence Courage.
Dispels:  Evil Eye, Fear, Envy, Bitterness, Resentments.
Aids with:  Moving, energy blockages.

*Legendary Gemstone Properties are not health information, treatment, suggestion or advice.

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