Increasing Wellbeing on all levels
Legendary Gemstone Properties* - Coral

Legendary Gemstone Properties* - Coral

Coral Legendary Gemstone Properties:

Keywords:  Prosperity, Passion, Peace, Love, Optimism, Diplomacy.

Enhances: Optimism, Imagination, Intuition, Visualization, Connection with Nature, Law of Attraction through increased visualization.

Dispels:  Negative energy through absorption, Discomfort through soothing

Aids with:  Inner Peace, Understanding of Purpose, Attracting Love and Friendship.

Red Coral Legendary Gemstone Properties*:

Keywords: Good Fortune, Wealth, Passion

Enhances: Peace, Emotional Healing, Intuition, Mother-Child Bonding, Visualization

Dispels: Lethargy

Aids with: Healing, Restoration and Recovery, Meditation, Depression

*Legendary Gemstone Properties are not health information, advice, treatment or suggestions.